The Great Duck Project is an initiative to create the world’s largest globally crowdsourced collaborative 3D printed duck.  Inspired by the Westport Sunrise Rotary Club (Westport, CT) Great Duck Race, The Great Duck Project engages people around the world.  Engineers, artists, students, hobbyists, tinkerers and more will collaborate to create this inspiring project that people will love to participate in and experience.

Combining technology, art, the Internet, hundreds of 3D printers and dozens of dedicated volunteers around the world, The Great Duck Project combines the best of bringing the world together into a public art exhibit that will demonstrate the value and creativity of the modern day world.

The technical lead is being spearheaded by Jesse Robinson, Director of Information Technology and Nicholas Iacobelli, Coordinator of Lower School Academic Technology at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut, The Great Duck Project will be created and unveiled at the 8th annual Maker Faire Westport on Saturday, April 27, 2019.  Maker Faire Westport is produced by Remarkable STEAM, a not-for-profit corporation focused on education, job creation and economic development.